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Stack 2020

By developers, for developers.

The branding for Stack 2020 is inspired by Github Universe, employing a similar colour palette on tags-based design to draw resonance with developers. The seemingly disjointed tags are partial yet vital fragments that form the complete text, parallel to the codes that developers contribute – a few lines of code may seem like an insignificant contribution but they are imperative in a larger code base and ecosystem. The animation represents the ever-innovating nature of developers, always excited to make things work.

Client: Government Technology Agency (GovTech)
Services: Branding & Website
Concept Pitched: July 2019
Brand Animation
Event Banner
Stack 2020 Banner White
Stack 2020 Banner Black
Stack2020 Elements
Stack2020 Typeset
Colour Palette













Digital Assets
Stack2020 Desktop 1
Stack 2020 App 1
Stack 2020 App 2
Event Application

A user interface for the event was also proposed to help visualise how attendees would navigate the event venue and learn more about the event programmes. Attendance could be logged with a quick scan of a QR code and users could access the information they wish to see easily from the clean and clutter-free home screen.

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